Friday, April 01, 2011

More Than Words

Let me start by saying I am well aware that I am writing this as a completely biased, over the moon in love with her toddler mom. Now that it's out of the way...

In the past 20 months, I have been blown away just watching my little man learn. From the first reflexes and turning to hear our voices until now it has me baffled at how that amazing brain works and puts things together so quickly. And sometimes so uniquely!

Most recently, it has been the words. Seriously, this kiddo learns a new one(usually more than one) every day. And then he puts them together and communicates with us. It's amazing! How huge is that, to be able to communicate your wants and needs. And to top it off he is constantly doing a bunch of other ridiculous and funny things with words!

I am not sure of why, but I know that I was not expecting him to communicate so well at this age. I should have known since I was a talker from early on that I would get one too, but I just wasn't expecting it. And then overnight he went from mama and dada to well over 100 words. (Yes, I counted and the list is in his baby book now)

The funny part is that as he builds his vocabulary he is also building his jabber. He makes more noises now and talks more gibberish than before too. It is like he is trying to build sentences, but only knows a few of the words so babble and some great expressions make up the rest.

A few of Mommy's favorites.

I love you - A given right? If you tell him I love you he will often respond with I love you or just say too! Melt my heart!

Buggy - We have called him Bug, bugs, bugger, and buggy from early on and he has recently picked up on it saying buggy, usually in a voice like he is calling out to himself from another room. Like he is saying "Where are you?"

Names - He has caught on to so many familiar names now, both family members and friends. Matt and I have been jokingly teaching him our real names, not mommy and daddy, and sometimes he even uses them! Funny now but I really hope it doesn't stick!

I do - He can say yes, but his usually response when asked a question and the answer is yes is either "I do" or "Peeees". No ranks right up there with mommy and daddy in words used with the highest frequency. The joy of toddlers!

I don't really have any pictures that actually relate to this topic, so here are a few of my random recent favorites.

Playing on the computers at the library

One of his newest quirks - requesting a hat or shoes first thing in the morning

Anyone have the 90's Hit - More Than Words, by Extreme running through your head during this post? Sorry!


  1. Love it, Callie! I can't wait to hear him talk on Friday!! :)

  2. He's a hoot! What a precious little man :)