Sunday, April 03, 2011


I am absolutely loving so many things about our little man at this age, especially his silly quirks and the funny joking things he loves to do these days.
I want to capture all of them along with his sweet voice on video, but if I don't have someone else distracting him all he wants to do is look at the video.

Exhibit A.
Hiding things behind his back

He will usually do this 10 or 15 times in a row, but as soon as he figured out I was videoing it was over! Boo!

The only other quirk I have been able to capture is his new funny dancing along with a silly song.
Watch in the middle for his Itsy Bitsy (spider that is) request and try not to notice the scattered laundry and box that needs to go to the attic. My house is usually spotless. Ha! Just typing that made me laugh out loud.

One more thing... I think he shares this quirk with most toddlers, but he LOVES to dip. If food comes with dip, he is ALL in. I sent this picture to Matt at lunch today and said yes in fact, G is still in his PJ's at lunch and dipping his whole sandwich into his yogurt.

Matt's response was "I want to be him when I grow up". I loved that response for so many reasons. Now, I finally know what I want to be when I grow up too!


  1. This IS such a fun age!!! So many times I've said: "it's so fun right now with Bridget, I can't imagine it getting any better." This time I mean it more than ever! Can't wait to meet the G Man soon :)

  2. Oh my Lord, I love love love this!! I wish we all shared a house. How much fun we would have. I personally love the song G was singing while dancing. :)