Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Busy Bunny: Part 1

Our Easter weekend was busy and fun filled. Saturday we went to church and afterwards G got to participate in his very first egg hunt.

The company, the weather, our sweet boy in his bow tie, it was all perfection! The whole Coker family is so dear to me and I always love spending time at their family and friends who are like family events. They have one of those houses that feels like home to everyone. They have created this sense of belonging that is hard to find the right words for, it just exists around them. We were thrilled that this year we were going to be able to make their Annual Egg Hunt.

After visiting and eating way to much yummy food it was time to hunt. G caught on quickly to the idea of finding eggs and filling up his Easter basket. He even developed a little victory cheer of "Alright!" with a fist pump each time he found one. And that was all before he realized that there was candy and money in the eggs!

The kicker to the Coker Egg Hunt is that after the kiddos are done hunting the adults make their way onto the egg hunt stage. Only this time the stakes are much higher. Waiting in the lucky golden and silver eggs is some cold hard cash. It was hilarious seeing the adults race into the yard with much more excitement than even the kids had shown.

Look at these people! They are hungry for that golden egg!

G preferred hanging with Mr. Coker during the craziness. He was perfecting his magic "Where Did the Egg Go?" trick.

Isn't that the sweetest? He is going to be such a wonderful Grandpa, whenever that time comes! As a parent it is such a sweet feeling to see someone else genuinely enjoying your child. G is such a light to me, but when he provides that for someone else, gosh, melt my heart. This picture, their eyes, their smiles it just screams light to me!

What a blessing it is to have friends that are like family in our lives, to share traditions with, to love on us, to help us grow and what better to time to celebrate this than Easter.

Sunday's Events are coming up next!

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  1. And to think you'll be a family of four at next year's Egg Hunt!