Monday, May 16, 2011


That's our Nolan. He is a total smush-a-lump. Yes, I know I made up that term, but it fits him perfectly. He is just a precious lump of sweet baby smushy cuteness. Makes total sense to me.

So he is already affectionately called Smush-a-lump, Smushie, the Smush and Smushers. Daddy also calls him The Express. This one makes sense if you know anything about Nolan Ryan. And possibly his delivery, at least in comparison to G's.
After spending two weeks with you Smush, here are a few things we know about you...

You are a total Jackpot baby (so far)! Meaning you sleep all the time, day and night, nurse well and are easy to please.

You were born healthy and just keep growing! You were back to your birth weight in just 5 days and have already gained another pound and grown another inch since then.

You don't particularly like a pacifier, but when you find your thumb you sure do like it.

You hiccup. You hiccuped daily during your last trimester, if not multiple times a day and you continue to hiccup almost daily now.

Your brother adores you! He asks dozens of times a day to hold you and most of the time I have to tell him that you are sleeping. He loves to kiss your head, rock your cradle, give you raspberries on your belly, and pat your back. If you cry he runs to see if you are ok and will even try to calm you with a sweet shhhhh or "ok Nolan". He even wakes up asking about you in the morning.

After G goes to bed, you don't leave my side. Since I am juggling the two of you during the day, evenings are our time to cuddle. I usually feel like I should be cleaning, but right now nothing could pry you from me from 8 pm to whenever I go to bed. You are even sleeping on my chest as I type.

It's amazing how you have changed everything in an instant, yet feel like you were here all along. We love you sweet boy and are so excited to watch you grow! Just do it slowly and stay smushy for a while, please!


  1. Oh so sweet!! I want to kiss and snuggle that little smush. Miss you guys :(

  2. That video is the cutest thing ever. can't get enough.

  3. oh, how i'd love to see you again soon to talk all about opening your heart to another precious gift from above. i'm so, so, so happy for you and your family! can't wait to hear more about your sweet smush...