Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Busy Bunny: Part Two

The Easter festivities continued on to Easter Sunday at Lola's house. We started the morning with a big breakfast and soaking in the hot tub. Mommy's 40 week pregnant body needed the relief. And since I had done water aerobics the day I went into labor with G I figured a little exercise in the hot tub couldn't hurt, right?
Well we ended up doing lots more playing with the water toys from G's Easter basket than water aerobics and it turns out playing with water toys doesn't induce labor like water aerobics might have?

My favorite part of the morning was watching G discover the bugs. These beetley June bugs were everywhere and G was loving them. Such a boy!

The rest of the afternoon was spent with extended family and the most delicious hamburgers (thanks babe!). G hunt, rehunt, rehunt and rehunt his Easter eggs crying out an enthusiastic "Alright!" each time he found one. His personality is a constant thrill for this smitten momma!

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