Saturday, December 18, 2010


So in trying to get a cute picture of G for the Christmas card I ended up with nothing. Not one single Christmas card worthy picture! But I do find my attempts and the results entertaining. Hopefully you will too.

First Idea - Christmas PJ's, Christmas Tree and a big ole Christmas lollipop

Results - Sticky house and sticky kid too interested in lollipop to smile

On to the Second Idea - Christmas PJ shirt (he had already changed into his pants for the day), coffee cup full of marshmallows to keep him interested

Result - nearly broken coffee mug and mouth full of marshmallow pics

This is when I knew my attempts were over...

One darling moment - G has started hugging his stuffed animals. He also tells me shhh! sometimes when he is holding them. It is so sweet! Although this monkey was in need of a bath following this sticky hug.

Oh Well! Going a different direction with the Christmas card, but at least we got a good laugh at how uncooperative a 1 year old can be.


  1. Callie, all of these are completely adorable!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I LOVE it!!! These pictures are so cute!!

  3. What an adorable child! I could eat him up!

  4. I really think the mouth full of marshmellows was Christmas card worthy!