Thursday, December 16, 2010

Santa Part Deux

This past weekend we got together with my girlfriends from high school and their sweet babies. Well now that I think of it, none of them are really babies anymore. Dang it time! Slow Down already!

I always have a great time with these gals. There is just something about being with people who have known you through it all. Some of us go back further than high school and even at our young age that means I have known them for the majority of my life. Weird to think about...
Luckily, we see this crowd pretty regularly and our kids are the sweetest of friends. It is such a blessing to watch our kids together, even the occasional push or toy snatch.
The big treat of the party was that Santa showed up! He even had a gift for each child and two elves to help him deliver!

We had already established that G was fond of Santa at our last encounter, but Saturday night was special. You see, there is a story within the story. Here is the plot. G fell in love. He fell hard. And yes, she is an elf.

Here is where it all started... She walked in the door.

It might have been that fact that she had candy canes or her stunning good looks but he spent the vast majority of the visit like this...

Only occasionally turning around to see what Santa was doing.

When it was his turn to sit on Santa's lap he did so happily, but when I retrieved him, he asked to go straight back to her.

Really! I am your MOM and you are picking this girl you just met! Ahhh! It starts already!

When she left he even blew her kisses. Sheesh Kid!

After Santa left and the commotion died down all the kiddos played with their new toys and shared their excitement that Santa had come to the house.

While the girls were off playing princesses and lady bugs we put the boys in their Christmas PJ's. Aren't they cute? They played ball and dance to footloose.

Having kids really does make the holidays special. Great friends and family to share it with doesn't hurt either!

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