Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Up To

Our little man is up to 16 months now! (Well when I started writing this blog he was. Now he is almost 17 months.)

A few other things he is up to...

14 teeth!

Making animal sounds... horse, elephant, dog, owl, cow and just this morning a cat

Pretending to be a monkey, elephant, frog, fish, turtle, giraffe, dancing machine

Making funny faces... 1, 2, 3... Funny Face! This is the usually result.

Helping around the house

Repeating words all day... shoes, off, door, thank you, good job, catch, touch down

Running, kicking and throwing like a champ!

Having a ball with friends

Talking on the phone and by phone I mean anything, really anything, that he can make into a phone. Some recent examples are a rice cake, calculator, octopus, and baseball game ticket. Love his imagination!

He really is a little sponge these days and although he doesn't say a ton of words he is always talking to us and the amount of things/requests he understands blows us away. He is still an unusually goofy kid and LOVES to make people laugh, like someone else I know. He has also started screaming with laughter when something is really funny, like Daddy trying to juggle. We are totally smitten with his precious, quirky soul!


  1. LOVE your family photo! G is so stinkin cute - in the words of your husband, "I want him."

  2. I always love every moment I get to spend with you guys! Thank you, thank you, thank you!